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FuelMe X Car Plus Hongqi L5 Q Scale limited edition 2019pcs


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–  The glory duty of Hong Qi

In Aug.1958, inspired by a model 1955 Chrysler limousine, the first generation engineers of the First Automobile Works (FAW) built a unique limousine by hand called Hong Qi CA72 with lots of Chinese classic elements.

In 1984, the model name of Hong Qi was updated to CA770.

In 1999, presidential parade version was built and named as CA772TJ which targeted as the derivative model of CA770.

On Oct. 26th 2007, the R&D team for a all-new parade car poject was founded.

In 2009, the year of the 60th anniversary of the founding of the PRC, new generation Hong Qi CA7600J parade car made a debut appearance.

At present, the newest Hong Qi L5 limousine is totally re-desiged based on previous model CA7600J. This 2019 lift-up version inherits all the unique and glory characteristics from Hong Qi CA series, which is inspired by the traditional decoration details from Chinese culture and merged with stylish and modern esthetic design elements, giving birth to the Hong Qi L5 limousine with impressive Chinese esthetics images.

FuelMe Models X Car Plus cooperative presented

This time we bring unique designed Hong Qi L5 models for collectors which don’t scale and replicate from the real car as usual. Instead, we originally designed and built them with Q elements to combine the gorgeous design language of Hong Qi L5 with cute manga elements.

What will happen when Chinese luxurious and dignified Hong Qi L5 meets smart and exaggerated Q style from Japan ? The final answer is the Q style model of Hong Qi L5 which is a novel attempt from an interesting idea.

Every pieces of these Hong Qi L5 Q models are handicrafted meticulously, which is dedicated to the every real cars built by hand. As one of the official presents for celebrating the 70th Anniversary of the Founding of the PRC assigned by the China Tourism Ministry, these models are totally limited to 2019 pcs with unique photo-etched number plates from 0001~2019.

These Q models are available now, but monthly quantity is 200 pcs limited due to production capability reasons. So please don’t miss it if you are interested in this product.



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