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FuelMe 1/64 RWB 993 ARMY GIRL Ver.4 Orange Flame


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This product is a new product of FuelMe1/64 Pocket Garage. This RWB993 is named “ARMYGIRL” Ver.4 “Orange Flame”. This car comes from Japan.

This version uses Work M1 multi-spoke wheels, and the rear wing uses the Orange Flame series product rear wing, which is specially customized by the owner, Hossy. The base is made of acrylic material and has an independent number nameplate, totaling 799pcs. This product is planned to be launched in November.

Since the goods are made by hand, defects are inevitable, so please keep a normal mind. We will notify you in advance if there are problems such as delays. Before receiving the goods, please confirm that there is no problem with the product before signing for it.


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