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FuelMe 1/43 LB Works 610-4 “Rosso Mars” Limited to 50 pcs


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LB Works Huracan 610-4 Body Kit is an early product from LB Performance. They put Japanese blood into a foreign super car’s blood vessel, modify it to stance, and make it impressive. This car has three stages: matte black hood&gloss black Forgiato, Rosso Mars hood&gloss black Forgiato, and Rosso Mars hood&gloss red Forgiato. We chose the first stage this time.

FuelMe 1/43  LBworks Huracan 610-4 ‘Rosso Mars’ is limited to 50 pcs. The ‘Rosso Mars’ lacquer is exactly the same of the LB Performance official show car. The wheel is from Forgiato. All details are visible. A lot of etched metal was used to increase its visual effect. Tail camera and car logo are all present by etched metal accessories. The livery decals are put on as the Liberty Walk show car.

Brand: FuelMe Models
Model: LB Works 610-4
Production: 50PCS
Pedestal: White Flock Coating Pedestal
Material: Resin, Meta, Rubber, Plastic
Accessory: Transparent Cover
Weight: 600g
Size: 175mm*85mm*75mm



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