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【Pre-Order】FuelMe 1/64 RAUH-Welt BEGRIFF RWB993 “Cinderella” limited edition 1499pcs


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This product is a new product of FuelMe pocket garage. This RWB993 is called “Cinderella”. This car is from Thailand. It is very different from the previous RWB993. Features one: the right rudder of the cockpit, feature two: the use of etching film to restore Work L1 For the wheels, because Cinderella has many painting versions, we chose Porsche Thailand’s 70th anniversary painting this time. The base is made of acrylic material and has an independent number plate. A total of 1499pcs were launched.


Product properties:
Brand: FuelMe model
Model: RWB993
Limited edition: 1499PCS
Base: Acrylic base
Material: resin, metal, rubber, plastic
Gift: product transparent display cover




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