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FuelMe 1/43 LB Works Aventador 50th Limited “Miura Homage”Limited to 120pcs


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In 2016, Lamborghini released this “Miura Homage” Aventador for memorizing Miura’s 50th anniversary. This one was made by a studio, it has two colors on the side skirt. The red one was the original Lamborghini color. 50th Limited loge is everywhere in the car, on the dashboard, on the seat. We know this unique this Miura Homage. This one is limited to 50pcs, order now!

Before 2017s Christmas, Liberty Walk released a picture, which showed a new body kit to the world. You could guess something from the shape that Kati will deal with an Aventador again. So after the picture, the tuned car world was getting crazy once again. From the message, this kit is limited to 50 sets, 30 sets for Japan and 20 sets for overseas. About the number “50”, it was actually because Kato will have his 50th birthday in 2017. 

AZR is a famous interior tuned factory in china, so the boss decided to let AZR to deal with this Miura Homage and let the car get this game. The carbon fiber its real and we change the loge on the seat to “



Brand: FuelMe Models
Model: LB Works Aventador 50th Limited
Color: Miura Homage
Production: 120PCS
Pedestal: Acrylic Pedestal
Material: Resin, Metal, Rubber, Plastic
Accessory: Transparency Cover, Collection Guild Book(CN,EN,JP), Special Sticker, Chamois.




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