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FuelMe 1/43 LB Works 700 Aventador“Supreme X LV” Limited to 50 pcs


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Here’s the third product of FuelMe LB Works Aventador series. This time we cooperate with Japanese Rapper SHO and the company Boom Craft to build Boom Craft’s boss’s ride. On it’s body, there isn’t much LB elements, the owner wants to show off its “Supreme x LV” livery. The classic black and white interior is not so boastful as its exterior. The rims are special, because the spokes are too fine, we use 3D printing this time to made these. Also we use pressed lead-zinc metal to make its rear wing,  and a lot of photo-etched sheets and metal parts in the engine cabine for perspective effect. Plus the nice curve of A pillar and acuminate fender, with our red float coating pedestal, all for its ultimate look. This model is now in stock, it’s limited to 50 pcs.

Brand: FuelMe Models
Model: LB Works 700 Aventador
Production: 50PCS
Pedestal: Red flock coating pedestal
Material: Resin, Metal, Rubber, Plastic
Accessory: Transparent Cover
Weight: 600g
Size: 175mm*85mm*75mm



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