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FuelMe 1/43 LB Works 458 “Giallo Modena” Limited to 60 pcs


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This time FuelMe brings you the 2016 Liberty Walk official show car LB Works 458. We can ring few info on internet, thanks to the help from LB HQ, we find some data finally. FuelMe made this car to a 1/43 scale minicar by our craftsmanship for our collectors. This car is also used our best level of skill, this duck tail rear wing is similar as the real car. The modena yellow car is relieved against the white flock coating pedestal. All the decals are exactly followed LB official data. This minicar model is limited to 60 pcs. Get one for you if you want it!


Brand: FuelMe Models

Model: LB Works 458
Production: 60PCS
Pedestal: White Flock Coating Pedestal
Material: Resin, Metal, Rubber, Plastic
Accessory: Transparent Cover
Weight: 600g




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