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FuelMe 1/43 RWB 993“Jägermeister”Limited to 200pcs


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Though half a year of textual researching, the models of Gary Ying’s fabulous ride from FuelMe have come out, which got a lot of supports from Muse Autosport. As you can see, we replicate every details from interior roll cage structure to tiny stickers on the car body. Do you know or not the truth about a detail that comparimg with the RWB 993 models we made, these Jagermeister version models are more unique because the real car is tuned from a Porsche 964 into RWB 993. These models on white acrylic bases are limited to 200 pcs totally, also including collection cards and nameplates signed by Nakai San and Gary Ying.

Brand: FuelMe Models
Model: RWB993
Production: 200PCS
Pedestal: Acrylic Pedestal
Material: Resin, Metal, Rubber, Plastic
Accessory: Transparent Cover
Weight: 600g
Size: 175mm*85mm*75mm



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