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FuelMe 1/24 Subaru WRX STI VARIS Full Resin Kit(Formal Version)


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After 8-month-development, the brand new FuelMe full resin kit is finally coming! This time, we aimed Japanese tuned car brand VARIS. 

At the beginning of 2018, all of our team members went to Japan for the famous Tokyo Auto Salon. We got authorization form VARIS in the salon, meanwhile we did full-car-survey for Subaru WRX STI VARIS. During the survey, we found a lot of tiny details. These details, the joint of side skirt and fender for example, added a lot difficulty of fabricating. We optimized the parts several times to let our customers assemble them easily, and to reach a perfect effect. 

This product made by high quality PU material, it will not react with lacquer solvent. Its rigidity is fine, makes it easy to polish. Besides, the primary polishing has been done in the factory. What you need to do is just put it into some alkaline water (soap water or cleanser liquid). We did effort to make our product friendly to the beginners. We made the transparent lights with our best craftsmanship, they are shining like crystal, all these come to great experience of hobby making. The tiers are made by good rubber, soft and fine, plus they have no water gap and they are edged nicely. We also optimized the axles, solved the problems of FD2’s short axles. All the parts are made logically, for painting the parts much easily. The silk screen ‘glass’ are cut well by CNC, it’s easy to attache the car. After receiving the product, you just need to cut the water gap and paint the parts to assemble, there’s no such problems like deformation, the high skill design made all work super easy. 


Brand: FuelMe Models


Material: Resin, Metal, Rubber, Plastic 

Weight: 555g

Size: 230mm*130mm*160mm

Kit includes resin, metal decal, rubber, water sticker, PC piece, metal parts. 


a, Full resin kit models are actually for the customers who have some experience of making hobbies. 

b, The resin material is smelly during the process of polishing, please wear mask. 

c, 502 glue and yellow glue are necessary for putting parts together. 

d, If any damages come during the making, contact us to get paid extra parts. (Email: 

e, The customers who buy this item could contact us for full-guidance during the making process. 



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