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匠技Crafts‘tech Q Scale Nissan 2000 GT-R 1971 Japan Grand Prix 2nd #6 Masahiro Hasemi


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The “Nissan Skyline GT-R Racing”, which is famous in the history of Japanese motor sports, has won numerous victories since its debut in 1969, especially in the 71st Japan Grand Prix car race held at the Fuji Circuit in May 1971. The Nissan GT-R won the previous day’s qualifying qualifier at an alarming rate and won the third place in the competition. The pole position was the No. 6 car driven by Takahashi Guoguang and the No. 8 car driven by Chang Gu see Changhong. In order to compete for the top ranking competition, the competition is extremely fierce, and it is like a battle to refresh the lap record. The last two cars were finished side by side, and the No. 6 car won the game in 1 second compared to the No. 8 car. Following the No. 8 car, another GT-R rushed into the third place, and the Nissan GT-R monopolized the podium. In order to commemorate this moment of victory, the craftsmanship will make it into the Q version of the car model. The 6th and 8th models are each limited to 100pcs. This product will be officially launched in December. Interested friends please don’t miss it.




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