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【ONE OFF】Esprit43 1/43 Diecast Ferrari 375MM 0378AM Crafted by Mike Criag


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Esprit43 is a brand found in 2005 by French man Mike Criag, which is the son in law of Andre Marie Ruf, who was the founder of the famous French car model brand AMR. Mike Criag was the chief model producer of AMR. Now, he’s still product car models with original technology, as AMR’s heir.

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This 375MM 0378AM was its very first product back to 2005. The diecast kit was limited to 45 pcs and the finished product was limited to 15 pcs. Mike Criag made its prototype and the production. Today’s model is unique, it was a gift for  Criag’s friend Corzier Herve. It has aluminum pedestal and AMR’s wheels plus Bosica’s hub.


1、Made by tin-lead alloy, its weight is 475g, nearly twice weight to the resin minicar.
2、Hand made multi-spoke hub.
3、The bumpers are distressed for the antique look.
4、Cathode oxydic aluminum pedestal.
5、Plenty of  lathe parts.
6、Hand sculpted body work.


Brand: Esprit43
Model: Ferrari 375MM 0378AM
Production: ONE OFF
Pedestal: Aluminum Pedestal
Material: Tin, Metal, Rubber, Plastic



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