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【Pre-Order】FuelMe 1/64 Varis WRX STi VAB/S4″Ocean Blue”


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This time we proudly introduce the 3rd wave products of FuelMe Models 1/64 Pocket Garage Series in schedule. According to lots of kindly and useful suggestions from global collectors, we finally pick the rivals of Lancer Evolution, WRX STi as our new theme target. In early 2018, we’ve already got the production authority from VARIS and presented 1/24 resin hobby kit of Varis STi VAB Wide Body Style which brought excellent building experience to our dear hobby fans. Even one of them won the 2019 Open Social Hobby Awards by crafing and tuning a FuelMe 1/24 STi kit to a fabulous masterworks. In this brand-new 1/64 finished version, we’ll keep on improving the product design based on the features of 1/24 kits. Although the replicating of aerodynamic parts and carbon fibers would be predictable difficulties, we still confidently believe the final version products will meet collectors’ enthusiastic expectations, thanks to our rich experience and exquisite techniques in years of model car production. 

In order to satisfy more collection needs from growing collectors, these new 1/64 Varis STi models will be limited to 999pcs for each type, which all will be in stock around March, 2020. And the pre-order will be globally open for both seller and collectors from 4th to 8th in this July, so please don’t missing!




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